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“I don’t need help” – Part 2, July 30, 2018

When a loved one obviously needs help at home but refuses to allow it, it’s frustrating! Below are two common concerns, with suggestions for ways to problem solve together.   Cost is a very practical barrier Many older adults feel particularly vulnerable where money is concerned. They don’t want to spend! But the cost of […]


Before you quit your job, July 24, 2018

It may be true: Your aging relative needs more and more care. You know you are the best person for the job. But it’s too much to do on top of your own work. Think twice before exiting the workforce, however. There are some stiff financial consequences. For example, if you are midcareer, you are […]


Is it Alzheimer’s disease?, July 17, 2018

When your father struggles to remember a grandchild’s name, should you be concerned? Older adults typically have some memory loss. People with Alzheimer’s disease, however, experience very specific changes in their thinking that go beyond the normal forgetfulness of aging. You might consider a dementia evaluation if your loved one has begun having difficulty with […]