Monthly Archives: December 2018


The power of sleep, December 31, 2018

When your schedule gets tight, is sleep one of the first things to go? According to the experts, that’s all too common. And it makes about as much sense as deciding to do without food, air, or water. Sleep is that essential. Most adults need 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep promotes […]


A new year reflection, December 25, 2018

After the hubbub of the holidays and in the darkest nights at year’s end, nature seems to beckon us to reflect. Rather than make a resolution about exercise or diet, consider looking at your approach to family caregiving and personal qualities you might nurture to become more resilient in this role. Psychologist Rick Hanson, PhD, […]


Preventing Burnout, December 17, 2018

Burnout is more than stress. And it isn’t just undesirable. It’s a risky condition. The consequences of burnout include emotional depletion, often leading to depression; reduced resistance to common illnesses, such as colds and flu; increased likelihood of a chronic disease, such as heart disease or diabetes; lack of energy to do what is necessary for […]