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Preventing Burnout, December 17, 2018

Burnout is more than stress. And it isn’t just undesirable. It’s a risky condition. The consequences of burnout include emotional depletion, often leading to depression; reduced resistance to common illnesses, such as colds and flu; increased likelihood of a chronic disease, such as heart disease or diabetes; lack of energy to do what is necessary for […]


Thanks to Liz Zarate for 5 Remarkable Years!, December 14, 2018

She started her journey with DLEA in November 2013. This is her DLEA story… A friend of my mom’s is a geriatrician who works with a care manager in Bowie, where I live. I was introduced to her and she showed me her office, and took me out to lunch and told me all about […]


Stress or Burnout?, December 10, 2018

Most of us know it when we’re stressed. We talk about it, and we talk about needing to do something about it…when we have the time. But we might not be aware when we reach the point of burnout. That’s because going numb is the nature of burnout. To be so worn out that you […]