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Thanks to Bree Baldwin for 5 Marvelous Years, August 13, 2019

Bree started her journey with DLEA in August 2014. This is her story…. After working in a continuing care retirement community where I had limited time to get to know the hundreds of residents, I sought a way to connect with seniors in a deeper and more meaningful way, and to work in tandem with […]


Genetic testing for Alzheimer’s, August 12, 2019

These days, most everyone is wondering if they are likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. If someone in your immediate family has been diagnosed with the disease, you might feel at especially high risk. There is a test for an Alzheimer’s gene (APOE4). But it’s not 100% certain: Not everyone who has the APOE4 gene will […]


Start a safe walking routine, August 5, 2019

Walking for exercise is recommended for every phase of life! Walking is the easiest physical activity to engage in, and it brings multiple benefits. The ability to get around readily is often the deciding factor in whether an older adult can stay living at home. Many older adults are hesitant to walk much. If you […]