Monthly Archives: October 2020


Would having a dog help? A fish?, October 26, 2020

Increasingly, research shows that older adults can benefit in myriad ways from the companionship of an animal. Physical health benefits Pets seem to help us stay calm in the midst of stress: Reduced blood pressure and heart rate. Some research shows improvement even when the “pet” is fish swimming in an aquarium! Strengthened immune system. […]


When you can’t hold a funeral, October 19, 2020

Between travel concerns and restrictions on group gatherings, holding a traditional funeral can be challenging. Many families are turning to “virtual funerals” using video conferencing programs, such as Zoom. About 20% of funeral homes offer virtual services. And there are online companies that specialize in funerals. They assist with everything from sending out invitations and […]


Supporting a person with arthritis, October 11, 2020

Arthritis is a difficult condition to understand as an onlooker. The pain is invisible and unpredictable. Some days are good. Other days are not. Arthritis challenges the affected person’s ability to accomplish the basics—simple tasks, such as opening jars or walking up stairs. Such disability can generate feelings of frustration and low self-worth. The chronic […]