Monthly Archives: September 2021


Not all socks are created equal, September 27, 2021

What do a marathon runner and your aging parent have in common? Both could benefit from compression socks! By applying pressure to the legs, compression socks help the valves in the veins do their work—so blood is pushed back to the heart and doesn’t pool in the legs. The socks also help keep lymph fluid […]


Dealing with anxiety, September 20, 2021

It’s only natural for family caregivers to worry. Understandably, we spend a lot of time thinking about “what’s next.” But if you are in a pattern of persistent worry and are starting to feel the stress in your body too—perhaps headaches, loss of appetite, or trouble sleeping—you may be dealing with anxiety. You are not […]

Summer’s End and It’s Time to Mask Again???, September 13, 2021

Our staff is very grateful that we have been able to be vaccinated and resume more of a “normal” life this spring and summer, including taking family vacations, many of them postponed from the summer of 2020, when travel was severely restricted. Even while the world around us has opened up more, we have continued […]