What is a physical therapist?, October 21, 2019

Trusting the body’s ability to heal itself and get stronger: This is the basis of physical therapy. Physical therapists use exercises and hands-on care to reduce physical pain and limitations. Their motto? “Physical therapy brings motion to life.” Their goal is to help people stay active. And mobile! In some situations, physical therapy can be […]


Lessons from theater improv, October 14, 2019

While there is no denying the hardships of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, a growing number of families are exploring innovative strategies for including lightness and laughter on the journey. One option is to steal a page from the theater arts—specifically, improvisational theater.


Thanks to Susan Blum for 15 Superb Years!, October 14, 2019

She started her journey with DLEA in October 2004. This is her DLEA story… After many years as a psychotherapist in different settings, I took a job in a psychotherapy practice that provided therapy to residents in nursing homes and provided office practice where I worked with older individuals, their families, and adult children who […]