Doctors and advance directives, April 13, 2020

If your loved one and family have had the conversation about end-of-life wishes, kudos to you! In addition to writing down those wishes in an advance directive, your relative should also share them with his or her health care team. Even if your family member is in perfect health now, that could change at a […]


Are you pushing against reality?, April 6, 2020

We all quarrel with reality from time to time and wish things were different than they are. Especially now, when life seems unfair. All flights have been cancelled due to the coronavirus and you won’t be able to be with your Dad on his 80th birthday…. Your mom is in an assisted living facility that […]

Letter to our clients regarding COVID-19, March 31, 2020

Dear Valued Clients, Families and Professional Partners: I am writing today to share the updated infectious illness protocol at Debra Levy Eldercare Associates in response to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As with any and all illnesses that could potentially affect the vulnerable population we work with and encounter as Aging Life Care Managers, thoughtful […]