BPH: Weighing surgical options, September 14, 2020

Ever wondered why older men seem to need to urinate frequently? An enlarged prostate gland is likely to blame. The condition, benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, is so common that it affects 90% of men by age 80. The prostate gland is roughly donut shaped and is located below the bladder. The urethra, the “tube” […]


Getting the most from doctor visits, September 7, 2020

Time with a doctor is precious—and that creates pressure to make the most of each visit. Whether your loved one’s next appointment is in person or through telehealth, a little preplanning will go a long way to making it a productive session. Here are some helpful tips: Identify the goal. Are you seeking a diagnosis […]


“But I wasn’t there when she died”, August 31, 2020

Many of us hold unconscious covenants with our kin. Among the most poignant, perhaps, is a commitment to “be there” when death is near. As adults, we may feel an obligation, and an honor, to be with our parents as they leave, just as they helped us enter. With our spouses, the ultimate commitment—’til death […]