Summer’s End and It’s Time to Mask Again???, September 13, 2021

Our staff is very grateful that we have been able to be vaccinated and resume more of a “normal” life this spring and summer, including taking family vacations, many of them postponed from the summer of 2020, when travel was severely restricted. Even while the world around us has opened up more, we have continued […]


Services at home: Medicare, September 13, 2021

Medicare is health insurance provided by the federal government. It covers adults 65 and older, as well as persons with disabilities. In terms of home care, Medicare pays for visits only by medically trained staff. In that light, there are two programs: Home health care involves periodic home visits for a month or two. The […]


Coping with another person’s pain, September 6, 2021

When your family member is in pain, you are suffering, too. The “mirror neurons” in our brains are programmed to recognize pain in others. That’s good news in that it arouses compassion and spurs us to action. But it can be bad news, too. When you are highly attuned to a loved one’s pain, you […]