5 Year Anniversaries


Thanks to Amy Ullman for 5 Amazing Years!, August 13, 2019

Amy started her journey with DLEA in February 2014. This is her story…. I have worked in health care since I completed my Masters degree in Social Work, but always in a more ‘medical’ setting. I had heard of DLEA as a wonderful resource for seniors and their families living in Montgomery County, and I […]


Thanks to Bree Baldwin for 5 Marvelous Years, August 13, 2019

Bree started her journey with DLEA in August 2014. This is her story…. After working in a continuing care retirement community where I had limited time to get to know the hundreds of residents, I sought a way to connect with seniors in a deeper and more meaningful way, and to work in tandem with […]


Thanks to Tim Feresten for 5 Admirable Years!, March 12, 2019

Tim started his journey with DLEA as a Debbie Angel (Concierge Companion Service) in November 2013. This is his DLEA story… After years of caring for family members and friends towards the end of their lives, I volunteered for a hospice doing home visits. From there I decided to go back to school and I […]