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Thanks to Tim Feresten for 5 Admirable Years!, March 12, 2019

Tim started his journey with DLEA as a Debbie Angel (Concierge Companion Service) in November 2013. This is his DLEA story… After years of caring for family members and friends towards the end of their lives, I volunteered for a hospice doing home visits. From there I decided to go back to school and I […]


Thanks to Liz Zarate for 5 Remarkable Years!, December 14, 2018

Liz started her journey with DLEA in November 2013. This is her DLEA story… A friend of my mom’s is a geriatrician who works with a care manager in Bowie, where I live. I was introduced to her and she showed me her office, and took me out to lunch and told me all about […]


Thanks to Sieglinde Peterson for 5 Commendable Years!, October 29, 2018

Sieglinde started her journey with DLEA in October 2013.  This is her DLEA story… I found my position at DLEA through a friend. She told me about the wonderful work that the company does and I heard the sage advice Susy gave her when her mother was struggling with dementia. I was lucky to be […]