Cannot Thank You Enough

I wanted to thank you for being an advocate, friend and family for the past 5 years. Thank you for all the little things: TV, the fruit, sugarless candy, and the sugarless gum. Thank you for all the big items too… healthcare conferences, medical chart reviews, staying after the staff about dental care, eating and a whole host of other things. As I told you, I did not feel our client was alone, because she had you. I know her passing was hard on you because you were so close to her. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for stepping in and the extra hours to see that she was not alone in her final hours. Thank you for arranging for the private duty aides and overseeing her care and conveying the information back to me.

Amazingly Helpful

We were suddenly confronted with a crisis because of a fall complicated by Parkinson’s disease. Our care manager was amazingly helpful. She advised us on Rehabilitation Hospitals and helped us navigate the necessary steps to accomplish that. She visited and ascertained that my husband needs were being met.

A Big Difference

I wanted to tell you how much we loved our nurse care manager. She was enormously helpful and supportive. She made a big difference in all our lives. I deeply, deeply appreciate all she did.

Hard Work & Compassion

Thank you for all of your hard work, compassion and being a listening ear for both me and my father. He really liked you and you being there helped his many transitions. Thanks for everything.

Things Were Going to Get Better

I wanted you to know that my dad called me tonight as soon as I walked into the house from work, and thanked me for sending you two wonderful care managers to help him take care of Mom and him. He sounded very tired, but the kind of tired that sounded like he could finally relax and know that things were going to get better. Unbelievably, I think you two have done a wonderful job of appealing to his desire to continue to live in the house but be able to take good care of Mom. I was so happy to talk to Dad and I had tears running down my face as they are now. THANK YOU for your efforts, caring and your kindness in dealing with my parents. It’s just been a fantastic miracle for our family.