Worked Tirelessly

I can’t begin to express how much our care manager has helped my uncle and our entire family in making sure he is being taken care of as well as possible and in helping us arrange to have him transferred to a nursing home in Western New York. Our care manager has worked tirelessly to make sure my uncle’s every need has been met and has been in communication with me every step of the way. She has consistently gone out of her way to anticipate needs and details that I would have never thought of. Honestly, I just can’t imagine what I would have done without her.  I only wish that she could be in New York to continue taking care of my uncle. I can’t imagine we could ever find anyone even close in excellence to take her place. Because of her, I will heartily recommend Debra Levy Eldercare Associates to any and all friends and colleagues who may be in need of assistance with an elderly person in their lives.

Guidance & Setting Limits

We have been extremely pleased and comforted by the care management that your staff has provided for my mother and our family. Susy Murphy is indeed a skilled, kind, warm and knowledgeable care manager.  She did a great job of giving guidance and setting limits with my mother’s caregivers. We have appreciated all of the support and assistance.  

An Exceptional Investment

As the adult child of a parent who was facing health challenges... I strongly recommend working with the team at Debra Levy Eldercare. Whether it's understanding and working through a hospital admission and discharge, finding resources for all aspects of home health care, or evaluating different housing alternatives, the Debra Levy team was accessible, efficient, knowledgeable, and responsive.   They helped us find high quality professional resources, responded quickly when were were in a time crunch and alerted us to potential problems in advance so we were ready. Their agency name helped open doors and let other services know we were "legit" and made an otherwise very difficult process much easier, with a great combination of knowing the market, knowing the system and directing us to high quality resources. Working with the Debra Levy Eldercare team was an exceptional investment and certainly paid for itself through care quality, time savings, and peace of mind.

Superbly Informed and Compassionate

I have had the pleasure of working with Susy Murphy and her team at Debra Levy Associates, in the management of elderly patients with neurological disorders in my Neurology Practice. I am frequently impressed with their depth of participation, their knowledge and insight in the health care of my patients. They are superbly informed, compassionate and responsive to the patients varying needs. Debra Levy Associates has inserted itself as an integral part of Healthcare for the elderly in the Metropolitan DC area.

Peace of Mind

Meeting our care manager as the smart, friendly, kind, and competent face of this fantastic service provided us with great peace of mind.  Our care manager understood the multiple challenges posed by our father... For the first time in nine years, we're breathing easier knowing that your care manager is in our corner — and even more importantly, in his.