Halloween…It’s not just for kids!

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to make it a fun time for all ages, especially the family members in your care who are facing the challenges of aging or disability, or who are isolated and need some social engagement. Halloween is not just for kids anymore and there are many who enjoy the fun, magic and ghoulish delight of this holiday which is celebrated around the world!

At Debra Levy Eldercare Associates, we have companions who are eager to help make this Halloween the best ever by creating a fun, hair-raising, hauntingly, supernatural, spooky and fang-tastic experience for that special older adult in your care. Let us help so you can take time to attend a caregiver support group, get a massage, take your little ones trick or treating or to a Halloween party or just take time for YOU by enjoying a comfortable cup of tea and a relaxing book.

There are a number of ways our concierge companions can make Halloween a fun and exciting time for your loved one needing to engage in some social and life enrichment activities. There are so many creative ways we can help and Halloween is a great way to start. We have college educated companions ready, willing and able to step in and make this the best Halloween ever!!!

Our Angel Kathy could take your loved one to a nearby nursery to look at fun fall displays and pumpkins. She could also help them pick out a pumpkin, carve and decorate it. Angel Sheila could plan an afternoon of playing and singing spooky songs.

Our Angel Edith could help your loved one make fun little “Boo Bags” filled with small items and candy, decorate the bags with stickers and tie a ribbon to it. This could be handed out to the neighbors or left on their doorsteps as a special surprise. Our Angel Rick enjoys the outdoors and could plan a walk to look at the fall foliage.

Angel Tim could make a fun activity of drawing a Halloween-related picture or using another medium to create an autumnal art creation. Our Angel Barbara could accompany your loved one to a pumpkin patch, library or community center on a date when the kids are being hosted for party and they’re all dressed in their Halloween costumes.

Angel Katie could sit with your loved one to look at funny photos of animals in Halloween costumes. And our Angel Claire can visit with your loved one for a low-key Halloween night at home playing fun Halloween board games or decorate little gourds for placement at the front door.

Our Angel Scott could take your loved one to a local senior facility when they have neighborhood children in to trick or treat in their costumes or have pumpkin decorating events. Our Angel Sheila could listen to a murder mystery book on tape with your loved one and discuss all the spooky twists and turns as they listen together! If your loved one wants to bring out their inner child, they might enjoy going to the movies with Liz or Darcy to see a scary movie!

Any of our 11 Debbie’s Angels can make a friendly visit and share their skills and talents to make Halloween a fun and exciting time for your family member. We are here and we can help! See what’s possible for spooky fun this Halloween – call us to start the conversation!