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Happy Social Work Month

Every March, we recognize and celebrate our valued social workers here at Debra Levy Eldercare Associates. They play a vital role on our care manager team and work very closely with our nurse care managers to provide the highest quality Aging Life Care management services. Our social workers all hold master’s level degrees in social work, specializing in geriatrics, gerontology or aging. Our team is stronger because of their expertise, dedication, compassion and commitment to their field of social work. They have helped to improve the lives of individuals and families who come to us seeking help and wanting an expert advice on a course of action and care plan.

Our social worker care managers deal with challenges every day, but through it all, they are there holding the hands of our clients and their family members who are facing challenges such as a new diagnosis of early stage dementia, or have advanced dementia, or other neurological disease diagnosis or are facing physical or mobility challenges.

We hope to raise awareness of social work, advocate for their profession and in turn highlight the wonderful, caring, inspiring, resilient social workers on our staff by having each of them share what they love about being a social worker. We are grateful to them, especially this month, but throughout the year. Here’s what our social worker superstars had to say about their work:

Social work allows one to work with many different populations, in different settings, and in different capacities. I love that I have been able to work as a psychotherapist in low fee clinics, private practice and in nursing homes. My skills have allowed me to work as an Aging Life Care manager, providing support and services to individuals and their families. I love that social work allows us to view the person in their environment, and determine what it will take to improve someone’s life. As an aging life care manager, I love that I can work as a support and advocate for my client and their families. It is very gratifying to provide advice and direction, that can make a big difference in people’s lives, as they are negotiating the challenges of aging or illness.

Teresa Boring, MSW, LGSW:
I love so many things about being a social worker, especially a fundamental part of social work, empathy. It is amazing to see how meaningful it is for others to experience our empathetic feelings, and to also see how they can model this and use it in their own lives.

Amy Kandel, MSW, LGSW:
I like social work because it allows me to look at a client’s physical, emotional and social strengths and challenges, while advocating for services that may improve their quality of life.

Maria Perry, MSW, LGSW:
I enjoy helping others and being an advocate for those who are not able to speak for themselves.

Amy Ullman, MSW, LCSW-C:
I love that I can work part-time, and still develop strong relationships with my clients and their families. I enjoy helping them age as well as possible, knowing that I have made a difference.

Loretta Vitale, MSW, LCSW-C:
Working with elders has made me appreciate the profession of social work so much. I’m able to touch their lives as well as those of their families, their caregivers, the staff in their residences, as well as those with whom I interact who work for long term care insurance companies, doctors’ offices, physical therapists, and so on. To maintain a good quality of life for my clients, it sometimes “takes a village,” and that making that happen draws on my social work knowledge and skills. It’s what makes being a social worker so satisfying, challenging and meaningful.

As we spotlight our social workers here at DLEA, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our founder and pioneer in the field of geriatric care management (now Aging Life Care™), Debra Levy (1953-2012). She received her BA in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude), a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Certificate in Aging, all from the University of Maryland.

If you have a family member, friend or neighbor facing the challenges of aging or disability, call us to start the conversation. Call us at 301-593-5285 or email