Have a HEART-HEALTHY month this February!

This month we see hearts everywhere, on greeting cards, in store displays, in the shape of boxes of decadent chocolates. Hearts are a reminder of what we hold most dear, whether it is our spouse, our parents or children, or our best friend. Taking care of our hearts will give us the best chance to be able to care for the ones we love.

The American Heart Association has great tips on keeping our hearts healthy. We especially like their suggestions on how to reduce the stress in our lives. Check out this link, https://healthyforgood.heart.org/be-well/infographics/tips-to-lower-stress-infographic.

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebration, throughout the year we will be showing our love for various charities that serve the needs of older adults in the Metro DC area. This month we will be making a donation to the American Heart Association, and we will also donate to the Alzheimer’s Association to honor the memory of a client we served for the last 20 years, until her death last month at the age of 98.

We wish all of our clients, their families and our dedicated staff a HEART-HEALTHY Valentine’s Day!