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Our team of care managers has kept busy, even during the pandemic, helping their clients in the Metro DC area safely discharge home from the hospital, setting up home delivery of prescriptions and/or gourmet meals, reviewing end of life planning with families and even arranging for pet care. During this time we recognized the need for a “Custom Coronavirus Plan,” a way to help caregiving families and seniors living alone develop a plan for what they would do if they or someone in their household became infected.

If you would like to develop a “what if” plan so that you are ready if you or someone in your house has a medical crisis due to COVID, please contact us to schedule a consultation of up to 90 minutes with a nurse or social worker to address your top 3 concerns and provide you a written report so that you are ready for whatever comes your way!

Posted below is the story of our first client to get diagnosed as COVID positive back in March, 2020. We’re very proud of the positive outcome for our client and his family!

When the pandemic hit, aging in place took on a whole new meaning for Bethesda resident Jim R. Due to a chronic health condition, he had 24 hour care provided by certified nursing assistants from a local home care agency. They have been by his side for almost two years since he had a series of hospitalizations that put an end to living alone without help. To provide medical oversight, medication management and keep his out-of-state brothers and daughter updated, the family engaged our services and our experienced care manager helped him and family cope with something few of us ever planned for—a worldwide pandemic.

For Jim, and his nurse care manager, Mike DeSarno, it meant close monitoring to try to keep him safe from the virus. On March 16, Jim went out to see a new specialist, a critical appointment that couldn’t be rescheduled, and a few days later went with his caregiver to stock up on supplies at a local grocery store. On March 23, he developed a slight cough. Mike thought that it was unlikely that he had been exposed to the Coronavirus but coached the caregivers on what to watch for. They stayed in close contact and within 36 hours when he started to spike a fever and then fell, suffering a minor wound that wouldn’t stop bleeding, his caregivers were directed to call 911 and he was transported to a local hospital.

Back in March, rapid response testing meant getting results in 12 – 24 hours, and the news came back that Jim tested positive for COVID-19. Isolated and alone in the hospital, Jim was often too tired or disoriented to talk on the phone, so Mike became the lifeline between him and his doctors and an open line of communication to his out of town family. Through his continued advocacy, he was able to keep Jim hospitalized until he was stable enough to safely return home, avoiding a rehab stay and honoring Jim’s preference for care. The DLEA team worked with his home care and arranged for deep cleaning of Jim’s house, including the fridge, and re-stocking the house with groceries and cleaning supplies. In the weeks since his hospitalization, he regained strength and is now back at his baseline and was thrilled that his daughter was finally able to visit in June.

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