Staff Milestone Anniversaries

For thirty years, families all over the Washington DC metro area have been welcoming Debra Levy Eldercare Associates into their homes and their families. Now, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the staff that makes up our family here. These team members have been serving our clients for many years, and they are the core of what makes Debra Levy Eldercare Associates so special.

Celebrating 25 Years

Celebrating 15 Years

Thanks to Kim Picca for 15 Exceptional Years!

Kim started her journey with DLEA in February 2003.  This is her DLEA story… Having worked in the hospital, first as a certified nursing assistant, and then as a new nurse, I found that I barely had any time to get to know my patients or their families. I was attracted to care management as it provides me with the ability to care for clients in a more wholistic manner…

Celebrating 10 Years

Thanks to Jennifer Sherwood for 10 Wonderful Years!

Jennifer started her journey with DLEA in January 2008. This is her DLEA story… I first heard about DLEA from a close friend from nursing school, and we had also worked together early in our nursing careers. When she went to work at DLEA she told me about her work there and I was really intrigued. I had been working as an independent care manager for 4 years when I explored joining DLEA…

Celebrating 5 Years

Thanks to Teresa Boring for 5 Incredible Years!

Teresa started her journey with DLEA in July 2013. This is her DLEA story… I got my Master’s degree in social work with a focus on aging and learned a fantastic amount through this program, including hearing for the first time about care management. I was also involved in various…

Thanks to Sieglinde Peterson for 5 Commendable Years!

Sieglinde started her journey with DLEA in October 2013.  This is her DLEA story… I found my position at DLEA through a friend. She told me about the wonderful work that the company does and I heard the sage advice Susy gave her when her mother was struggling with dementia….

Thanks to Liz Zarate for 5 Remarkable Years!

Liz started her journey with DLEA in November 2013. This is her DLEA story… A friend of my mom’s is a geriatrician who works with a care manager in Bowie, where I live. I was introduced to her and she showed me her office, and took me out to lunch…

Thanks to Tim Feresten for 5 Admirable Years!

Tim started his journey with DLEA as a Debbie Angel (Concierge Companion Service) in November 2013. This is his DLEA story… After years of caring for family members and friends towards the end of their lives, I volunteered for a hospice doing home visits. From there I decided to go…