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Back to Being a Husband, Not a Caregiver

"It was thanks to you that I discovered the perfect facility for my wife and it is living up to my expectations. I visit her almost every day, drive her to the quaint little town nearby and we go for a brisk walk. She has been at her most serene when riding in the car. Perhaps it reminds her of her traveling days. A few of her close friends who live nearby come with me sometimes. I am back to being a husband, not a caregiver."

Trained Second Set of Eyes & Ears

"Words cannot even begin to express how grateful I have been for your support for the past 4 years. I still remember the day we met at my mother’s Van Ness apartment. You calmly assessed the situation and helped me establish some stability over a situation that was beginning to spiral out of control. Having a trained second set of eyes and ears during the times of difficult decision making was a tremendous source of comfort. Without you, we never would have found the perfect facility which for my mom and our family was a Godsend."


"Thank you for everything you did for my parents. We could not have functioned without you. Your help added many months to the lives of my parents. You were a Godsend. God bless the work that you do."

Articulate, Intelligent & Thoughtful Advocate

"Just want to tell you again how happy we’ve been to have you as my brother’s care manager. You have had many new ideas that have been very helpful in meeting his needs. You respond quickly and clearly to any inquiry we have and you have been an articulate, intelligent and thoughtful advocate for my brother. After many years he is finally getting the help he needs."

Terrific Options & Support

"Just a quick note to let you know how wonderful our care manager was with my dad, she really got at the heart of things, offered terrific options and support. We feel relieved that we have someone in our corner. Thank you for sending her our way and making it happen quickly, so we could get some relief personally and for our dad."