Thanks to Liz Zarate for 5 Remarkable Years!

Liz started her journey with DLEA in November 2013. This is her DLEA story…

A friend of my mom’s is a geriatrician who works with a care manager in Bowie, where I live. I was introduced to her and she showed me her office, and took me out to lunch and told me all about care management. It really piqued my interest! She told me about Susy & DLEA and that they were starting the Debbie’s Angels program. I contacted Susy and met her and Teresa. They were so warm and welcoming. As soon as I was hired, I immediately felt a part of the team.

I was working on my Master’s in Gerontology at the time and Debbie’s Angels was just the right fit, with my school schedule, and most of all for the experience. There was room for growth, as shown by my current expanded roles as Office Angel (Office Assistant) and Associate Care Manager. I love pulling the pieces together for clients and their families. All of the little things that families don’t have the time/energy to do – making phone calls, taking clients to doctor’s appointments, making sure caregivers show up, making sure they have food in the house. There are triumphs and challenges, but it’s all worth it.

Making clients smile and feel happy is definitely the best part of being an Angel. I have been especially fortunate to be an Angel for a client who needed someone to accompany her so that she could continue going to her favorite jazz club every week. Sunday afternoons became the highlight of my week as well, enjoying wonderful music, getting to know her friends and sharing a lot of smiles together!

I’m recharged by spending time with family and friends. I love this most of all. Whether it’s staying close to home or going out to a favorite restaurant, eat, I enjoy exploring the Metro DC and Annapolis area in the company of the people I love!