Thanks to Sieglinde Peterson for 5 Commendable Years!

Sieglinde started her journey with DLEA in October 2013.  This is her DLEA story…

Sieglinde PetersonI found my position at DLEA through a friend. She told me about the wonderful work that the company does and I heard the sage advice Susy gave her when her mother was struggling with dementia.

I was lucky to be offered the position of Billing Manager and knew that it was a good fit for me. The office is warm and welcoming, the staff is flexible and kind and Susy is a terrific leader. I have also enjoyed the challenge of learning new skills and expanding my role to include managing the human relations tasks for the company.

I feel very fortunate that the work I do in HR and billing supports the care managers, angels and clients. Clients are so grateful for the help our team provides and I take great pride in the work we all do to help people remain safe and well cared for.

Lately I have been doing a lot of meditation. I am trying to incorporate loving kindness in all the things I do: meeting new people, remaining connected to old friends and taking time to reflect on my blessings. I also like to read, practice tai chi and ride my bike!