Thanks to Teresa Boring for 5 Incredible Years!

Teresa started her journey with DLEA in July 2013. This is her DLEA story…

Teresa BoringI got my Master’s degree in social work with a focus on aging and learned a fantastic amount through this program, including hearing for the first time about care management. I was also involved in various internships and seminars that allowed me to better understand the world of aging and disability. When I started my job search, I reached out to Debra Levy Eldercare Associates for an informational interview. I was immediately impressed by the longevity of the employees, and am now proud to be a part of that legacy.

The work of care management is a perfect fit for me. I started out as an Associate Care Manager and quickly moved to the position of Aging Life Care Manager, and most recently Assistant Director of Care Management. The company’s team approach to client care is appealing and provides a sense of comfort that others can step in and help during a client crisis. I love the personal connection with clients that is possible through care management. Also, knowing how grateful our clients are for our help is something that makes my soul happy, and really creates a fulfilling experience on a daily basis.

In November 2013, Susy recognized that some of our clients would benefit from having a companion and so our Debbie’s Angels (DA) program was established. I was asked to help with the start-up and have been honored to lead this important program from its early days of 3 Angels, which has now grown to 10. It’s so rewarding to witness the growth of Debbie’s Angels and see the great companions that we have visiting our clients on a daily basis. I am most amazed by the fantastic team we have developed, a team which works to create long lasting client relationships despite sometimes difficult circumstances.

I take care of myself and recharge by working out, going on bike rides, working around my house and making my yard pretty. I also enjoy going on quick weekend trips and hanging out with friends and family, especially my nieces and nephews!