Monthly Archives: June 2019


Getting out of the mental spin cycle, June 24, 2019

Do you find yourself in a repetitive cycle of reliving an exchange over and over? Reflecting on experiences gone badly is one way we learn. We think about what happened and look for insights that might promote a positive outcome in a similar situation next time. But sometimes reflection can be unhealthy. If you find […]


Common elder scams, June 17, 2019

Financial abuse of the elderly is thriving. Advise your loved ones to be on the alert for these common scams: Government impostorsIndividuals call saying they represent Social Security, Medicare, the VA, or the IRS. They describe a problem with an account. Or taxes owed. Then they ask for name, date of birth, and Social Security […]


Plan ahead when downsizing, June 10, 2019

Moving into a smaller living situation is a big decision. More emotionally challenging, however, are the many little decisions your loved one must make about what to keep and what to let go. Possessions, from knickknacks to garden tools, hold many dear memories. Letting go of them is like discarding the people or events they […]