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Happy 35th Anniversary to AWE!

Celebrating 35 Years With 35 Things We Love About Our Clients and Their Families

We are celebrating 35 years of stellar service to Washington DC metropolitan area seniors and the families, friends, and neighbors who help to support them as they face the challenges of growing older. We’re also celebrating 35 years of having an extremely talented staff, many with milestone anniversaries, and those who more recently joined our team. We reflect on all their hard work in supporting our clients, and the company’s vision and mission.

Every day, they bring their skills and creative thinking to ensure quality care for our clients and support them to have the best quality of life as they age. They use their expertise to help clients overcome challenges under ALCA’s (Aging Life Care Association’s) eight areas of expertise: Health and Disability, Financial, Housing, Families, Local Resources, Advocacy, Legal, and Crisis Intervention.

In honor of our 35th anniversary, we want to show our appreciation to the many clients we have supported over the years. Our first gesture of appreciation was launching a Client Showcase on our website. Continuing in the spirit of client appreciation, our care managers and Debbie’s Angels shared what they loved about their intergenerational interactions with our clients. In their own words, here are 35 statements shared about what they most appreciate about our clients and their families:

The way they care for each other and their communities.

Their unique perspectives on life and the world!

I appreciate the history they share. Their life stories are amazing. It is a privilege when they share their journey with us.

They place themselves in our hands. The trusting relationship we build is the cornerstone of our care.

They make our work lives fulfilling.

Their willingness to open up about their needs and challenges, to be vulnerable and accept our help.

The many ways they express their gratitude for our support (verbally, in emails, etc.)

How we develop trusting relationships with both families and clients, which often last many years.

We can make their day–they look forward to seeing us and vice versa!

The opportunity to share their journey to provide comfort and reassurance.

It feels good to be helpful!

It is always an honor to sit with our client and/or family at end of life and during the funeral or memorial service and share our grief even as we celebrate their life.

The commitment of spousal and family caregivers is inspiring.

Despite facing multiple medical and/or psychological challenges, our clients respond positively to our care management support, building a relationship with us that leads to helpful outcomes.

I love hearing the stories about how they met their significant other. It can be so inspiring and uplifting and it gives me a stronger sense of their story.

It’s great to watch the way different family dynamics work and to see the different styles that bond people together into a care team.

Many of our clients are so accomplished in literature, science, etc. It’s great hearing what they did. I appreciate their stories and sharing their past life/memories with me.

I appreciate them giving me sound advice based on their past life experience.

Their caring and grateful nature every time I take them to an appointment.

I appreciate how much they appreciate what we do!

It makes me happy to send a picture of our client to faraway family so they can see how happy and well-cared for they are!

I appreciate that they open up to us about their wishes, preferences, and thoughts that keep them up at night.

I love when they are open to new ideas and trying new things.

I love the opportunity to relieve the caregiving burden our families have been carrying for months and sometimes years.

I admire their ability to laugh and keep a sense of humor, even during challenging times!

Their resilience and the way they bounce back and adjust to hard times.

The dedication I’ve seen from families, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances that care for an aging loved one that needs support.

I appreciate the partnership that I share with our clients’ families.

I appreciate the care families show for our clients, even though some are geographically very far away.

The patience and understanding they have when I have to juggle my schedule to meet another client’s needs.

The feedback I receive from family members letting me know our client enjoyed their time with me.

A client once told me I was his “best friend.” It warmed my heart!

They can be very funny–I love when we can share a joke or humorous story.

The interesting things clients tell me about what the world was like before I was born.

The cooperation and support that family members give me in taking care of their loved ones.

With our deepest gratitude, we are thankful for 35 years in business and for the opportunity to improve lives through client-centered care management and our unique concierge companion service. Under Susy Elder Murphy’s leadership, we will continue the legacy started by our founder, Debra Levy, who joined “head and heart” to combine expert knowledge with caring and compassion for older adults, while building a warm, competent and supportive work environment, for the next 35 years and beyond!!

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