Monthly Archives: December 2021


Writing the last chapter, December 27, 2021

If your loved one has health challenges, they may be feeling a loss of control. Add to that a terminal diagnosis and a sense of doom may prevail. But recognizing that life is coming to a close does not have to mean one waits glumly for the end. Following are some of the many ways […]


Private pay services for care at home, December 20, 2021

Typically, it’s family members who fill in to perform the necessary tasks. But for many, perhaps including you, there are obstacles to helping on a regular basis. (Quitting your job to provide care is risky. Leaving work midcareer jeopardizes your retirement options and savings.) Of course, you can hire people to support a loved one […]


Hearing the TV better, December 13, 2021

Is your loved one having trouble hearing the television? Closed captioning isn’t helping enough? Check out these possible solutions.  Better sound from the TV. Check the TV for special audio settings that enhance dialogue and reduce background noise. Or purchase a “soundbar” to plug in to the TV. These improve audio volume and crispness. Place […]