Aging Well Eldercare COVID Update

While we wish we could say that COVID-19 is firmly in our rear-view mirror, unfortunately this is not yet the case. The most recent variant, BA.2 or “stealth Omicron,” is highly transmissible, although it also usually causes only mild symptoms. Because of this, we are continuing to take additional precautions to keep our clients, their households, and our staff and their families safe.

The steps we are taking at this time to keep everyone as safe as possible include the following:

  • All of our staff are continuing to perform a daily wellness check and self-quarantine and/or get tested for Covid-19 anytime we or a family member show any symptoms of a respiratory illness.
  • Continue to educate our staff about best practices in infection control.
  • Carefully observe all of the safety protocols in place at the various senior communities we visit.
  • Remain masked during visits, while transporting clients, and especially when accompanying clients to medical appointments.
  • Assist our clients in being vaccinated and boosted and help make appointments for our homebound clients.
  • As soon as it is recommended for them, we encourage our staff to get their second booster.
  • Have staff perform two covid tests 48 hours apart whenever they return from travel outside of the local area.
  • We treat any clients who are immuno-compromised with extra care and follow their safety protocol preferences regarding testing and masking.

If you or your family member have a specific concern, I encourage you to discuss it with your care manager or contact me directly so that we can address it.

In an effort to keep up with this ever-changing situation, we have listed below the links to find the latest information from the District of Columbia, Montgomery, Frederick, Prince George’s and Howard counties, as well as the State of Maryland on COVID-19 testing availability, vaccination sites, and FAQ regarding the vaccine.

For more information about mRNA research and the COVID-19 vaccine: