Debbie’s Angels

Debbie’s Angels is a concierge companion service which facilitates our clients’ ability to engage in social activities by matching them with a college educated companion. Our companions can accompany clients to a variety of events and destinations, such as:

  • Museums and art shows
  • Concerts, theatre or the opera
  • Lunch or dinner at a restaurant
  • Sporting events
  • Worship services
  • Social clubs
  • Family events such as weddings
  • Cruises or other travel

Our companions can also assist in the following tasks to allow our clients to remain as independent as possible:

  • Running errands or grocery shopping
  • Facilitating Skype interactions with family or friends
  • Assisting with the use of technology (such as DVD players, cell phones, etc.)
  • Assisting with holiday and birthday celebrations, including decorations, wrapping gifts, writing cards, and baking or cooking special dishes

Want to learn more about our Debbie’s Angels program? Download our flyer.