WellSeniorOur WellSenior™ Program is a unique program designed to meet the needs of aging adults in the Washington DC Metro area who want to plan for potential future care needs. This program is especially appropriate for those who are single, or whose family lives out of town, and who want to form a relationship with a caring and knowledgeable professional. Our care managers, who are 100% vaccinated, can provide support if and when there is a medical crisis, a health related change, or advice is needed on housing and care options.

Enrolling in the WellSenior Program is easy. Call our office to arrange a visit by one of our care managers in your home or virtually via video call. Background information will be gathered and documented regarding any medical conditions, emergency contacts, medications, powers of attorney, and other important information. All of this information will be entered into our secure database so that our professional team is able to respond to future requests for support. Initial enrollment requires a deposit and time spent at the initial assessment will be billed at our usual care management hourly rate. An annual visit will be made by your care manager to verify that all information is up-to-date and this visit is billed at our usual hourly rate. There is a modest enrollment fee that is charged at the time you enroll in the program and at each annual visit. If you decide to move out of the area, we can assist you in locating a care manager in other parts of the country.

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