Thanks to Amy Ullman for 5 Amazing Years!

Amy Ullman

Amy started her journey with DLEA in February 2014. This is her story….

I have worked in health care since I completed my Masters degree in Social Work, but always in a more ‘medical’ setting. I had heard of DLEA as a wonderful resource for seniors and their families living in Montgomery County, and I was intrigued about how varied and challenging the role of a care manager would be. DLEA is known as the gold standard for care management in the greater Washington area, so I knew that this was not an opportunity to let pass me by!

I came to DLEA excited about the ways care management allows us to develop long-standing relationships with clients, and in really becoming a part of their lives. DLEA has a very strong team approach – I know that I can always go to my colleagues if I have a question or need additional resources to better serve my clients. I also personally enjoy the variety, because every day is so different – one day I could be visiting a client in an assisted living community, the next I could be taking a client to a doctor’s appointment. That variety keeps me on my toes!

Care management is a perfect way to expand my role as a social worker, because I can support my clients wherever they live, at whatever stage they are. I love the personal connection, getting to know each and every one of my clients and their families, so I can provide the most individualized support possible. It is very fulfilling for me as a care manager knowing my clients feel they can trust to help them, whether their need is with a grocery order or evaluating their long-term housing options.

I recharge by spending time with my family and friends. My kids keep me active and always on the go! I take daily walks with my dog and I exercise regularly, both are great ways to replenish my spirits! In my spare time I love watching movies and working on craft projects.