Thanks to Tim Feresten for 5 Admirable Years!

Tim started his journey with DLEA as a Debbie Angel (Concierge Companion Service) in November 2013. This is his DLEA story…

After years of caring for family members and friends towards the end of their lives, I volunteered for a hospice doing home visits. From there I decided to go back to school and I became a Geriatric Nursing Assistant. I thought that work in a nursing home was the next step but realized I wouldn’t have time to spend with the people I was caring for. It was then that my longtime friend, Susy Murphy, who was beginning the Debbie’s Angels concierge companion program at Debra Levy Elder Care, suggested I join them. 

I find the work at Debra Levy incredibly rewarding and enjoy working with the staff as well. The time I spend with clients is a learning and growing experience and I feel I make a difference in their quality of life. 

It is fulfilling to me to learn about and help my clients, and I enjoy sharing their interests and accompanying them to their activities and appointments. I especially enjoyed working with a client who had early onset Alzheimer’s but we had many interests in common, including making art, photography and playing music. Reviewing his portfolio together allowed him to reminisce and me to appreciate his skills as a photographer.

In my spare time I am active as a photographer and travel internationally. I also enjoy cooking, music and spending time with family and friends.