Is Dad taking his meds “as directed?”, April 5, 2021

Did you know that nearly half of adults taking prescription medications for a chronic condition make errors in taking their meds? The most common problem areas: Memory. Forgetting to take a medication Organization. Failing to order a refill in time and running out Convenience. Being away from home and missing dose(s) Side effects. Experiencing unpleasant reactions Cost. Difficulty affording […]


How to read an Explanation of Benefits, March 29, 2021

Before your loved one pays a medical bill, wait for the insurance’s Explanation of Benefits (from Medicare, this is called a “Medicare Summary Notice”). This document indicates what services were billed by which providers for what days. It is an important summary to help you catch errors, duplicates or, sadly, even identity theft or fraud. […]


Maximizing your resources, March 22, 2021

When we think of “resources,” as family caregivers we might think of money. Or time. But there is another resource we’re using every day that is often overlooked: Emotional energy. Our emotions and mood contribute mightily to our ability to deal with challenges. When circumstances are difficult, it’s hard to generate enthusiasm or initiate projects. […]