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Distraction techniques, June 3, 2019

If the person you care for has a problem with memory loss (dementia), you may find that he or she gets agitated about things that don’t make sense. Your long-retired dad, for instance, may wake up in the mornings and insist, “I have to go to work!” It can be confusing for you. And frustrating! […]


Keeping your marbles: reducing dementia risk, April 22, 2019

If you have a relative with Alzheimer’s or one of many other dementia conditions, it’s natural to wonder about your own risk. While there is no cure as yet, there is increasing evidence that lifestyle changes in middle age may do a lot to delay the onset of memory loss. The plaques and tangles of […]


Dementia: safety and independence, March 25, 2019

Everyone with a memory loss condition deserves the opportunity to stay engaged in life for as long as possible. Early in the disease, your loved one will continue to do many things quite well. Your challenge is to balance respect for your relative’s independence with the need to ensure safety. All this while preserving a […]